About Jan Kemp…

My MISSION is to help women, in midlife and beyond, live active and vibrant lives through healthy lifestyle choice that are simple and sustainable.

It’s been a lifelong journey that started when I was young.

I grew up about 40 minutes outside of Detroit in Southeast Michigan. The houses were all the same In my neighborhood, affordable housing built after WWII for young people to start families.

I was born right smack in the middle of the baby boomer generation.

In my childhood, we ate the standard American diet. Most food was home cooked. Going out to eat was expensive and reserved for special occasions.

I remember lots of Sunday sit down dinners at my Grandparent’s house with extended family.

The biggest convenience food in the mid-1950s and throughout the ’60s were Swanson frozen TV dinners. They were served in sectioned aluminum trays containing an entree, mashed potatoes, a vegetable, a dessert, and reheated in the oven.

When we had these for our meal, we ate them on collapsable TV tray tables while watching our favorite TV shows. This was a big treat for us!

In 1969, when I was 14 years old, we lost my Dad to cancer. Mom went to work to support us. I was the youngest child and the only one living in the house at that time.

Eating became less about cooking and more putting together meals made fro pre-fab products purchased at the grocery store.

Things like Pop-Tarts for breakfast, grilled cheese sandwiches made with Velveeta with a bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup for lunch, and boxed Kraft mac n’ cheese for dinner were quick and easy to make. Friday night pizza from the corner pizza place became the new norm.

Cream of Mushroom soup went into everything! Chipped beef on toast and Tuna casseroles were big at the time, as were fruit cocktail from a can and Jello.

Chicken Chow Mein made completely from canned goods was a popular and easy to prepare dish. Do you remember those rubbery canned mushrooms?

And of course, there was the iconic chocolate chip cookie. I made and ate many batches of these cookies in my childhood.

These processed foods were a big part of our diet.

By the 1970’s fast food restaurants were everywhere. Food was cheap, quick, and highly processed.

The food at high school was even worse. I remember there were many days when I would go to the cafeteria and eat french fries and Hostess Ding Dongs for lunch. What was I thinking?!

Not surprising, as a teenager I was always 10-20 pounds overweight.  Oh how I hated shopping for clothes, nothing ever seemed to fit right!

Thankfully, I enjoyed sports and was active during these years. That helped me stay fit.

In the summer I would swim, bike, play tennis and softball with friends … in winter downhill skiing, gymnastics, and volleyball were my sports.

After graduation I was off to college.

In college I stayed active, mostly running and swimming at the campus fitness center. It was here that I discovered the weight room and I started working out with free weights.

Strength training seemed to be the missing link.

It helped me gain lean muscle mass and gave me more confidence. I toned up, got stronger, and felt better.

With a little more attention to my food intake I was able to lose the weight I had carried around from my high school years.

My interest in fitness led me to get a teaching degree in Physical Education. After graduating, I taught for a year and then decided to pursue an advanced degree in Kinesiology (the study of human movement).


I was required to take some pre-requisite classes before entering the Kinesiology program. One of the classes I took was Basic Nutrition.

In this course we had to do a group project. It was Springtime in Michigan and several of us decided to work on an outreach project in the community, promoting the eating of fruits and vegetables.

We chose Earth Day that year (1979) for our outreach day. We dressed up as fruits and vegetables and passed out literature at local grocery stores about the importance of eating healthy whole foods.

I was dressed as a banana. Can you picture it … haha!

This is when it really got exciting.

I was hooked on teaching others about health.

While studying for my kinesiology degree, I took every advanced nutrition class that was offered through the School of Public Health and attended local lectures on nutrition given by Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neil Barnard, and Dr. Michael Klaper.

These physicians were studying the impact of diet on our health. The evidence based research was already showing that food could either promote health or increase our risk for chronic disease.

During these years I remained active, taught fitness classes in the evenings, and even completed two local triathlons. I was eating healthy and was very fit.

But as you know life can get in the way, if we let it. And boy did I let it!

I was married in 1987 and in 1990 we started a family. During the next 15 years life got even busier as my focus shifted to raising children and teaching school again. But during these years I stopped focusing on my personal health and gained 60 pounds.

It happened over a long period of time until one day I realized how out of shape I was.

Thankfully, I did not develop any chronic diseases, but I was now in my mid-40s and I knew it was time to take responsibility for my health and fitness again.

I started eating healthier foods and got back to regular exercise … and I lost 20 pounds.

After teaching school for 8 years, I decided to change my focus to nutrition.

I applied to become a certified Nutrition Education and Cooking Instructor for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

I was accepted as an instructor and in 2005 I was out in the community teaching the ‘Food for Life’ cooking classes through this National non-profit organization.

I loved it and so did my students! I taught all over the local Ann Arbor area in stores, hospitals, community centers, and even in private homes.

Those who applied the knowledge they learned from these classes, showed major improvements in their health.

Then another opportunity came my way.

In 2011, I took a position as the Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market in Ann Arbor. I ran the Health Starts Here (HSH) program with a focus on four pillars of healthy eating: Whole Foods, Healthy Fats, Plant Strong, and Nutrient Dense.

Through this program I met and worked with some of the giants in the plant-based community. These physicians were on the cutting edge of research, studying nutrition and it’s effect on chronic diseases.

The documentary Forks Over Knives was released during this time and through the HSH program we showed a screening of it at the Michigan Theater.

It was an exciting time and we could see the interest people had in improving their health through lifestyle changes.

Knowing that we can take control of our personal health through diet, exercise, stress reduction, and healthy sleeping habits is incredibly empowering!

This documentary, and many more that followed, showed how effective a change in diet and lifestyle can be for reducing the risk of or reversing chronic disease.


I have a MASSIVE passion for helping people get healthy and fit. Owning a health and fitness business was a long time dream of mine, that finally became a reality!

This is when I brought strength training back into my life. Along with making some healthy dietary changes, I was able to lose more weight and gain some hard earned lean muscle mass. 

Check out my before and after pics. From 185 pounds in my mid-40’s to 135 pounds and fit in my 60’s!

I’ve made lots of bad lifestyle choices, but I’ve also had huge success when I consistently made healthy changes.

It’s exciting to know that our age is not the main factor in weight loss and health, but our lifestyle choices are.

I know it’s hard to believe that as you get older you can become the healthiest version of yourself, but that’s just what happened to me and it can happen to you.

Because if I can do it, you absolutely can too.

Even during menopause, when hormone shifts are dramatic, your healthy lifestyle habits can support you and help you reach your goals. 

You’ll be able to have the body and health that you truly want. 

I’m going to help YOU combine exercise, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits … so you can meet your goals and enjoy success in your health and fitness journey!

I have watched it happen over and over again with our members. They made supportive lifestyle changes and their health improved dramatically.

It’s so exciting to see the transformations and I want you to know that it is possible for you, too!

Like your journey, mine is ongoing. Now in my mid-60s I’m still learning and overcoming obstacles.

I work hard and push myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle … because that’s what I expect of my members.

While the food industry is trying to make people fatter, unhealthier, and dependent on medications, we’re here every day trying to help people get healthier, more confident, and excited about making positive lifestyle changes.

I can’t think of a more important mission, can you?

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read about me and my story.

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We hope you will join us on this exciting journey to health and fitness. xo


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