I started coming to Ann Arbor Boot Camp because of an amazing Groupon deal, and loved the workouts! I’m in pretty decent shape, but wanted to build muscle and tone, and it was a great fit for these goals. The workouts are just a half hour, but you burn a ton of calories and work really hard. In the end, I decided not to buy a membership after my Groupon expired, but only because I live in Ypsi, and Scio Twp just isn’t convenient for me, especially for the price and frequency that I’d be able to go. But I wanted to stop by and write a good review, because Jan and Jerry are awesome, and if you’re on the west side of A2, or in Scio or Dexter, you should definitely join! They do a great job adjusting to all fitness levels, and they send out great workouts, recipes, and advice via email throughout the week. Bonus, they’ve been eating plant-based since the early 80s, so all the recipes are vegan! I made a couple of them, and they were delicious. So, go check out this place. I miss it!

Emily W.


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