I am a busy mom with four children and a business. I was looking for a gym that provided the best workout in the least amount of time. A friend of mine on facebook posted her transformation, and she couldn’t stop talking about the amazing program. I decided to give it a try and saw immediate results. My mind and body feel so strong and healthy, and I have more energy. 

My greatest struggle before finding Ann Arbor Boot Camp was not doing exercises that showed results. I faithfully walked 4-5 miles three days/ week, have religiously done hour long HIIT classes at the gym, along with barre and yoga. I did NOT see results like I have with AABC; there is not even a comparison. My core feels so strong now. I am more confident, and my feet don’t ache in the morning. I have transitioned to mostly plant based, and I have seen such amazing results. Embracing the entire program (fitness and nutrition) has been a very easy transition, especially with Jan and Jerry to guide and encourage me. 

If someone were on the fence about signing up, I would tell them to stop hesitating and give it two weeks and see how it goes. I mean, what is there to lose?!

Bethany S.


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